Real-time app analytics and monitoring
for Passenger powered web apps


Real-time metrics

Union Station provides live updates on how your app is currently doing, with microsecond precision.

Error notification

Union Station logs any errors and exceptions your app is throwing and notifies you and your team about these immediately.

Performance analysis

Union Station enables you to easily pin-point performance bottlenecks in your application for optimization.


Union Station monitors your app's resource usage and notifies your team when things are about to get out of hand.

Optimize your web app with Union Station

From birds-eye to microscopic

Union Station will give you both aggregate response time metrics, and the ability to drill down and single out performance characteristics of specific routes.

Not your average histogram

Union Station shows performance breakdowns in histogram format rather than averages to give you a more accurate depiction of your app's behaviour.

Breaking down the problem

Get performance details for each individual request, including timing on database calls, view rendering, and other parts of request processing.

This helps you easily find and identify causes for performance issues.

Union Station's Find Slowest Request along with the Activity Breakdown features have helped us a tremendous deal in tuning our database queries. We love Union Station and think it's a great product!

Kahoru Higaya, Real Networks, inc.

See what your app has been up to

System resource monitoring

Union Station provides you with real-time visual cues on various system resources your application is currently using on your servers.

This allows you to quickly see if your app is in trouble by lack of system resources and act accordingly.


Stay in the loop about important events that took place in your application via Union Station's timeline. From exceptions, errors, to new deploys, you can easily see how they occurred in chronological order, so you can see everything in the right context.

The timeline also allows you to easily drill down on the events that it is displaying for more details.

Get executive summaries and notifications of your app

Your app's weekly digest

Not only does Union Station keep track of your application's metrics, it also compiles it into a clear and concise weekly e-mail digest for you.

The digest serves as an executive summary of trends happening in your app compared to the weeks before. You'll be the first to know if your app's throughput and performance are improving.

Event notifications

Get notifications of exceptions and other important events by e-mail, SMS, or webhook, and inspect details like stacktraces and related requests.

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